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If you are in the market for your perfect rental home, you have come to the right place. As a prospective resident, we can help you through the process of finding and applying for the home of your dreams. Once you are a resident, we have a suite of tools to make your rental experience the best it can be.

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For our current residents we have a complete set of tools and procedures to make your stay with us more comfortable and rewarding. Use our website to submit any maintenance requests, pay your rent, or just to drop us a line. We love to hear from our residents.

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From Our Clients...

"We are loving all of the space that we have in our new home, and finally getting close to having it all unpacked. You guys have also been a joy to work with thus far... Looking forward to continuing the relationship, and we will definitely be recommending your company to our friends as a need arises."

- Resident Testimonial

"We are loving all of the space that we have in our new home, and finally getting close to having it all unpacked. You guys have also been a joy to work with thus far... Looking forward to continuing the relationship, and we will definitely be recommending your company to our friends as a need arises."

- Resident Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to how quickly our properties rent, we are unable to guarantee a place for you until we have signed your lease and received your deposit.
Generally, we require only the first month's rent and security deposit. Please speak with our leasing specialist with specific questions.
Applications are conveniently available online. Please click on the link at the top of the page. We look forward to receiving and processing your application.
Please speak with our leasing specialist about our pet policy and to see if your property allows pets.
We are a professional, knowledgeable, and courteous property management company. We work very hard to provide the highest quality resident services you'll ever experience.
  • We use professional vendors (painters, handymen, plumbers, carpet cleaners, etc) to ensure that your unit is in good condition. We inspect the work performed to ensure that everything is ready before you move in.
  • We are available 24 hours a day to handle emergency maintenance repairs.
  • We provide detailed Move-in and Move-out Inventory forms for proper documentation of the condition of your rental.
  • All deposits that are retained by us are kept in a FDIC insured bank.
  • When you sign your lease, you have a meeting with your property manager to go over all parts of the lease to help ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities under the lease.
  • All our property managers are licensed real estate professionals according to state requirements.
  • We return all calls and have centrally located offices.
Please note Rent is due no later than the 3rd, so you must have your rent in our office by the night of the 3rd. Cash payments and personal checks are never accepted, and if your rent is late, you MUST pay in a certified check or money order.

You have three options for payment of your rent:

Pay in the office - Open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.
Mail your payment to office but must be received by the 5th!
Pay online at Tenant portal.
No. Please submit "Maintenance Request" to us. We will not reimburse for any repair work done without our written approval.
We strongly suggest that you get renters insurance, which can be found for under $20 a month. You can typically secure renters insurance with Atkinson Insurance Agency 804-789-0795 (Office). Should you need assistance with this, just let us know. Please remember, PMI Loudoun or the owner is not liable for your personal property in the event of a disaster.

If you are in the military, we suggest checking with USAA first for the best rates.
Before doing any painting or any other cosmetic work at the house, please contact PMI Loudoun for approval. We will need to contact the owner to get his/her approval and will need to know specifics, such as color choice and brand. If you paint something or change something without our approval, you may be charged to restore the house to its original condition!
Please go to the "Maintenance Request" section of our website ( and submit the online request for faster service. In addition, you call always call the office at 1-804-746-7466.
In case of fire or flood or other major emergencies, please dial 911. All other emergencies can be reported by calling our office at 804-746-7466.
All normal wear and tear repairs are not tenant's responsibility. Any damage caused outside of normal wear and tear such as a broken window or holes in walls are the tenant's responsibility. PMI Loudoun may require a professional to do the repairs depending on what is damaged or the extent of the damage. Such repairs will be paid by the tenant directly or charged back.
All of our properties are smoke free. We do not allow smoking inside the unit or at the common areas.
1. A PMI Loudoun application must be completed for each applicant.
2. If a guarantor is being used, a PMI Loudoun application must be completed.
3. A $55.00 non-refundable application processing fee must be submitted for each applicant and guarantor.
4. Two current paycheck stubs and letter of employment must be provided for each applicant and guarantor. If you are self-employed, a copy of your income tax return and two months bank statements must be provided in lieu of a paycheck stub and letter of employment.
5. A copy of photo ID.

Once the above criteria have been satisfied, paperwork will be considered complete.
If you've seen an apartment/house from PMI Loudoun and you're ready to rent it, you should submit the application and call the Property Manager immediately. Go to our website ( and fill out the application and make sure to submit all of the paperwork necessary for us to make a decision. Follow up with us to make sure we have EVERYTHING. Follow up with us the next day - as we tend to make application decisions quickly. As soon as we tell you you've been approved you'll want to get the cashier's checks and go sign the lease AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Remember, we won't hold the apartment/House for you until the leases are signed and the checks are submitted.
In order to qualify, without a guarantor, prospective tenants must make a monthly net income of no less than 2.5 times the monthly rent. For example, if the monthly rent is $1,000 each applicant must make at least $2,500 (2.5 X $1,000). In addition, each applicant must also have a stable employment history, good residency history and a good credit rating. If each applicant does not meet these requirements, a guarantor or extra security may be used in lieu of them.
Generally our leases are at least one year. However, depending on the season and particular property, we can offer some flexibility if you are in a situation that requires a shorter lease. Please discuss with our property managers to learn more.
Your security deposit will be refunded or a disposition statement will be sent within 30-45 days of the move out date. The full amount will be reimbursed if your account is current and the move out inspection reveals no concerns. In cases where money is still owed on your account, the residence was left in a less than desirable status, or damages have been caused to the property, the deposit will be adjusted accordingly.
In most cases our rent is due on the 1st day of the month and considered late at the end of the 5th day of the month. Refer to your lease for specifics.
In most case you should make your Money Orders, Certified Checks rent payable to PMI Loudoun or you may visit our website ( to pay online
1. You must notify us in writing at least 60 days before the end of your lease or if your lease has expired and you are renting Month to Month. You will be required to vacate your apartment by 12:00 noon on the last day of the rental period.
2. Schedule a move out inspection with the manager at least 7-10 days before move out date.
3. Remember to clean your apartment or house. Your apartment should be in the same condition that it was the day that you moved in minus normal wear and tear.
4. Provide us with your forwarding address so we know where to send the balance of your security deposit. You will receive it within 30-45 days after you move out.
Talk to your neighbor. You are the most effective person in resolving this problem.· We have found that in most cases noisy neighbors do not realize that they are noisy and are very willing to work with you. We are more than willing to inform them of the problem but we have found that this usually creates resentment between neighbors.
Call the police. If the noise is excessive (loud party, very loud music, domestic dispute etc.) the police are the best people to handle such a problem.
Call us. If all else fails call PMI Loudoun at 1-804-746-7466.
No. Unless the lease agreement states otherwise, the resident may not sublet any portion of the property without written consent from PMI Loudoun.
Yes, PMI Loudoun offers a Home Buyer Incentive Plan.
If you are interested in purchasing the house you are currently renting, or another house anywhere in the state of Virginia, we can definitely help you! PMI Loudoun offers Home Buyer Incentive plans to current residents.
PMI Loudoun is a full service property management company, who is contracted with Business Partners through-out the state of Virginia that deals in sales, including short sales and foreclosed properties.
Email us or call us for a free listing of foreclosed properties, or other move-in ready homes in the your desired area. AND Remember, if you currently rent from PMI Loudoun, you are eligible to receive CASH BACK AT CLOSING up to 20% of the commission paid to PMI Loudoun and/or Its Business Partners at closing! No other companies in the area offer this home buying incentive to their residents, so make sure to take advantage of it.
This “HOME BUYER INCENTIVE PLAN” is our way of encouraging tenants to pay their rent on time, to fully abide by the lease’s terms and conditions, to leave the property in rent ready condition and to assist them in the purchase of their new home.

Tenant must have leased from PMI Loudoun for a minimum of 12 months and have fulfilled all the terms & conditions of the lease agreement and left the property in rent ready condition.

Tenant’s rent must be paid on time (on or before the 5th) of each month.

You must register with PMI Loudoun prior to starting your search for a new home by signing a “Buyer Agency Agreement”.

Tenant must purchase their new home using the services of PMI Loudoun and/or its Business Partner as your Broker, which will result in a commission being paid to our company at closing. This home could be listed with ANY real estate company in the area, or be a HUD or VA Foreclosure property. The Home Buyer Incentive Plan must be disclosed on the HUD-1 or other official closing document at the time of closing. The Home Buyer Incentive Plan is only available to buyers who successfully close and proceed thru final settlement with PMI Loudoun and/or our Business Partner acting as their sole and exclusive Buyer’s agent in the purchase of real estate. As a Tenant, you will immediately be credited in your Home Buyer Incentive Plan account with $500 toward the possible purchase of your new home. Each month thereafter for a leased term of 1 year you will earn 5% of your rental amount toward your new home purchase. This Home Buyer Incentive Plan is only offered to assist you in the purchase of your new home, but under no circumstance will the Home Buyer Incentive Plan amount exceed twenty percent (20%) of the Cooperating Broker Commission ("Commission") actually received by PMI Loudoun or their Business Partner at the close of escrow/settlement for representing the buyer.

This Home Buyer Incentive Plan rebate must be used within 30 days of the conclusion of your lease with PMI Loudoun.

If any of the terms and conditions of this Home Buyer Incentive Plan as defined above is not completed, then this offer shall become null and void and any funds offered in this HOME BUYER INCENTIVE PLAN shall no longer be available to the tenant.

PMI Loudoun is not responsible for the reporting or payment of any federal or state taxes for its clients associated with the payment of the rebate.

Tenant(s) hereby understand and agree to the Home Buyer Incentive Plan terms and conditions and defined herein.

Call today for more information on how we can help you purchase your very own home and pay you for doing so!
No. If a tenant has not specifically paid the last month’s rent when he/she moved in, he/she must pay his regular rent during his last month of tenancy.
If you detect a gas leak smell, call the gas company immediately as they have a gas leak detector. They usually come out to the property quickly.